The manufacturing process of crushing and screening plants requires not only a high level of technical knowledge but also experience in the field. For this reason, we work only with dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals. India has a great number of highly qualified and experienced workers in this field, and are committed to investing in our human resources to build the best team possible. We carefully select each member of our team because we believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Our R&D department, equipped with the latest drawing and analysis programs, consists of a team of 12 engineers and 30 dedicated personnel from various departments. Every machine we build is designed by qualified engineers using knowledge-based methods, and all projects are planned in accordance with the results of modern analysis programs. To offer the most cost-efficient and accurate solutions for our customers, our R&D team combines their field experience gained over many years with their wealth of theoretical knowledge. Ensuring all drawings produced are correct in standard, right reference and as per layout and in compliance with the client's standards and engineering practices, Responsible for part design, assembly design and drafting of Crushing, Screening and conveying ,Responsible for timely completion of all project specifications, design, drawings & requisitions for areas of responsibility assigned and participate in design review, Working on designing models and prototypes using various tools, modifying /upgrading existing designs, creating layouts, designs & drawings. structural stress Analysis , Equipment load calculation static dynamic, Mass flow balance with TPH, Equipment Cost cutting analysis and costing of equipments, , Problem solving Activity, Technical documentation, Design optimization, Structural Engineering


Capacity May vary depending upon the type of rock graduation, breaking characteristics, compressive strength rate and method of feeding, bulk density of feed, percentage of moisture in feed , method of operation etc. production is affected by type of crusher plates (plain / teethed) and RPM of the machine.