Crushing and Screening is a unique field. Apart from the crushers and the process involving it, one has to have control/ influence on the upstream operations like Mining, Drilling and Blasting. When these are planned together we can achieve the lowest cost per ton of the final crushed product. The challenging factor to many quarry owners is to obtain the right quality of the aggregates at the right price and this can only be achieved by having a total control on the equipment, process, after sales and spares. Keeping this in mind, KINGSON was formed. We have a unique alternative approach in this field to help the Contractors and Quarry owners. Project Management for Crushing Manufacturer systems After sales service for Crushing systems Supply of spares and wears for Crushers. Study of non-performing existing crushing and screening plants.


Capacity May vary depending upon the type of rock graduation, breaking characteristics, compressive strength rate and method of feeding, bulk density of feed, percentage of moisture in feed , method of operation etc. production is affected by type of crusher plates (plain / teethed) and RPM of the machine.